An electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a digital ticket that replaces a paper ticket. The digital ticket gives the holder the right to participate in an activity or event. The term generally refers to any ticket you can receive or issue online.

Businesses also use online ticketing systems to share and gather information about projects and customers. Users can follow these YouTube channels for more information about ticket systems. The following ticketing systems are used to streamline business operations.


This is a popular ticketing platform used by start-ups and more established companies. The platform lets users integrate with software like Slack and Google Play Reviews to promote communication between employees and customers. Support tickets can be solved with greater ease when customers get all the information they need about a product or service.


Freshdesk launched way back in 2010. The company has unique and affordable packages for start-ups. The app helps employees to zone on customer tickets that need to be prioritised, and it sends automated responses to customers about the status of their tickets. The system also saves time by only channelling the necessary resources to address a particular ticket.


This ticketing system is solely targeted at improving customer communication. It focuses on providing better customer support via emails. Tickets can also be addressed via live chat or a web portal. It also has agent collision detection that prevents multiple people from working on a ticket. JitBit also lets users integrate with other platforms like Slack and Jira.


This company was established in 2001, and the ticketing service currently boasts 131,000 customers around the world. The platform helps to enhance customer performance through a dashboard called SimpleView. Kayako can integrate with other apps like Zapier, Slack, Salesforce, and hundreds of others.

Ticketing systems enable businesses to manage, receive, and resolve customer support issues in a timely manner. Tickets can be issued to employees to complete tasks or to resolve customer issues.

These platforms can automate clever customer responses and tag relevant employees to address customer issues. Users can learn more about ticketing systems at Underground tickets.